Dunking on Duncan

Basketball fanatic returns as a coach


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Basketball coach Sean Duncan leads after-school practice. This is his first year coaching basketball ever.

Abbey Elalouf and Ben Lehman

Growing up, Sean Duncan’s neighbors said he would be the next Michael Jordan. But the truth is, he was never great at basketball.
“I’ve loved basketball since I was a little kid,” Duncan said. “I would practice outside all of the time.”
Duncan’s mother watched him practice basketball all throughout his childhood. She joked with neighbors and friends that he would grow up to be an NBA player.
Duncan’s childhood love for playing basketball didn’t have a chance to last through middle school. He tore his ACL twice, and his spark for basketball slowly fizzled out.
When the doctors told him his basketball career was over, he was devastated and turned to football instead.
Eventually he found another true love in teaching literature to high school students.
Now, 15 years later, he has found his way back into basketball as the boy’s C team basketball coach at Monarch.
“They’re just looking for someone who’s passionate,” Duncan said.
The second he heard about the position, he knew he would be perfect for the role.
“I watch a ton of basketball,” Duncan said. “I’m the type of person to read up on strategies and such.”
Duncan has been observing the program and players as the season begins.
A new player, Lukas Rosin ‘26, is thrilled to have a coach like Duncan.
“He’s really supportive,” Rosin said. “He doesn’t yell at you, and he also doesn’t make you run all the time. If you mess up, he tells you what to do right.”
Duncan is looking forward to being a part of Monarch basketball.
“I’m really excited,” he said. “I think it’s going to be a great learning experience.”