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Balancing victories

Highlighting the challenges, victories, and impacts of gymnastic
Photo by Eduardo Cano Photo Co. on Unsplash

Four days a week, Monday through Thursday, three hours a day, 12 hours a week, the Broomfield district gymnastics team is putting in hard, diligent, dedicated work. The last two years in a row the team has won the state championship, a colossal achievement, but one that is commonly overlooked. 

The team runs is run out of Broomfield high school, but it consists of students from schools throughout BVSD. Its name as a Broomfield team means that most of the student body, and even administrators overlook the sport and they don’t receive as much support as other sports. “The school doesn’t recognize it at all,” Victoria Griffith ‘24 said. 

Griffith has been a member of the team since her freshman year, but took last year off. Being one of only four Monarch students on the team, she has found a bond with people she wouldn’t have otherwise known. 

“It’s kind of nice because you’re connected with people outside of the school,” Griffith said. “You get to have friends that go to different schools.” Although there is a strong sense of friendship within the team, they are going to have to work harder than ever this year. 

A switch in coaches, and the departure of several critical seniors, the team has several obstacles they will have to overcome to win their third state championship. 

“We have our regular season meets, and then we go to regionals and you compete against teams there,” Kaitlyn Mestas ‘25 said. “If we do well in that meet we will qualify for state, and then when you get there you have to compete against different teams.” The team’s rival, Mountain Range, along with many of the other teams are proving to be competition for Broomfield. 

Although there is plenty of competition, the team maintains their camaraderie through a plethora of traditions and activities. 

“We have a lot of different cheers that have been passed down throughout the years, at least nine,” Mestas said. “And we always have a banquet at the end of the season, no matter what.” 

With their hard work, and their tight connection, the team has hopes of a three-peat. 

“We could do it,” Mestas said. “We could get the three-peat if we really put out minds to it.” 

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