Mailys Steiblen
Mailys Steiblen is starting her first year in Publications. She moved to the US from Paris 3 years ago, and would definitely agree that Monarch is the BEST school she has ever been to. Most people call her Frenchy as her name can be a little tricky to pronounce. She enjoys playing tennis and frisbee, but her favorite hobby is making fun of Gabby Duran (jk Love You Mama G!!!). In her spare time, Mailys either hikes, bikes, rides horses, or pretty much does anything outdoors. Mailys is trilingual, and every summer she travels to Europe to immerse herself in all kinds of different cultures. She is very much looking forward to this year in Publications, especially for Wednesdays (SNACK DAY!!!).


Mailys Steiblen, Staff Reporter

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Mailys Steiblen