The New Monarch Bell Schedule App

With a lot of potential confusion about the new schedule for 2019, the Monarch Bell schedule app provides a valuable solution to students. The app answers the question regarding class time and the basis of your daily schedule.

Many Monarch students have been in need of something besides a clock or paper to tell the time or their schedule. Jordan Mosakowski ‘21 created the Monarch Bell Schedule App over the winter break of 2018.

It’s a valuable Monarch tool that can be downloaded from app stores such as Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store. It enables the average Monarch Student to enter their schedule and keep track of the class times, periods, and lunch they have.  

This app is very helpful for the new schedule switch due to different times for classes. The app should ease students more comfortably into the new schedule.


The description in the App Store: The Monarch Bell Schedule app is a simple app for keeping track of when your classes start and end at Monarch. You can customize it by naming each of your seven periods and changing which lunch you have. The app will highlight the current class based on your phone’s clock. There is also the option of changing the background color of the app to dark or light, each background corresponding to school colors. White and black, and gold and black are the two color options. To access app customization, click on the settings gear in the top right hand corner of the screen. To the left of the gear is a refresh button in case things aren’t working correctly.


Most people would take a class or course on coding due to simple interest and the time it would take. “ For ninety-nine percent of things I know about coding I taught myself,” said Mosakowski. Mosakowskis motive to make the app was, “ Honestly, I wanted people to stop asking me when class ended.” Mosakowski created the app through the program called intelliJ and has only been coding for about two-and a half years. IntelliJ is primarily a text editor specifically designed for coding in Java.


The Monarch Bell Schedule App is available…


In the Apple App Store here: -schedule/id1448130735


In the Google Play Store here:

To find the app, search “Monarch Bell Schedule” and it should be the first result.