Hungry for the school spirit

Grill Club executives strengthen sense of community


Vivianna Ruiz

The MoHi Grillionaires prepare a feast for the student body at lunch on Oct. 8.

David Maxwell

Sizzling burgers and a loud, swarming crowd surround the rundown gas grill on a sweaty Friday outside B Hall. The members of Grill Club are hard at work getting each burger ready, but are working even harder to amplify school spirit.
Grill Club co-president Hank Tucker ‘22 has dreams for the club. “We can do more fun things for the school and for the club like get jerseys and provide more food for everybody,” Tucker said. “We all just want to see it succeed.”
Last year, Grill Club was rarely active, leaving the executives with a fierce determination that the club hadn’t yet seen in its four years of existence. “We are trying to bring it back better than it was before,’’ Grill Club treasurer Cassie Ferrera ‘22 said.
The members of Grill Club are an engine for school spirit. Last year there were no pep rallies, no tailgates and overall low school spirit. “We’re trying to get back to regular traditions,” Tucker said.
Burgers during a tailgate or a lunch period are the perfect way to increase students’ sense of community. “I feel like food brings people together really easily,” co-president Alisha Herremans ‘22 said.