Fresh Beats with Brody: Alex Dezen, 1/4

Fresh Beats with Brody: Alex Dezen, 1/4

Image Credit: Poor Man’s Record

It’s already been established that Alex Dezen, the musician responsible for the songwriting wit behind the Brooklyn based band The Damnwells, knows his way around an acoustic guitar and a well crafted song. While the band he fronts has released four albums now showcasing his songwriting endeavors, Dezen’s first dive into a solo effort is “The Bedhead Series”, the release of four EP’s – The first of which being 1/4. The musician has already established himself as a gifted solo performer, especially when looking back upon his numerous tours involving nothing but himself and a guitar that sounds to have seen the entire world (and probably has), so 1/4 is no novice endeavor.

“Death Metal and Disco” is a humorous, concurrently sentimental song that delivers an appreciative message primarily through it’s crass, sincere lyrical work. “There are so many hungry kids in the world/So f*** you I ain’t making another one/Though I’d love to see your face inside a child/You say you don’t know what you’ve got until what you’ve got is gone/So I’ll hold onto your picture for awhile.” The song counterbalances self centered conclusions only to follow with a sense of approachable sincerity. “None of These Things”, a post-love song of narrative spirit and admirable writing ability, soars through it’s simple, acoustic construction with the helping hand of rhythm guitar work which contributes an ambient, warm melody with a nostalgic edge. The song’s potential somber angle is lifted by a hopeful undertone, cutting it short from being a heartbreaker. That title is bestowed upon the closing track “HELLp”; a pleading ode to love and life. This closing track fixates Dezen in an utterly honest light at his most vulnerable.

Providing the three EPs to follow 1/4 continue Alex Dezen’s distinguished musicianship, it seems as if we’ll have a fine quartet of releases from this highly underrated singer songwriter.



1. Death Metal and Disco

2. None of These Things

3. HELLp

Be sure to listen to: “Death Metal and Disco”

You can buy 1/4 on iTunes, Amazon MP3, or on Dezen’s Bandcamp page. Make sure to watch the music video for “HELLp” above the text!