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Brody Coronelli, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Brody Coronelli is a second year member of The Howler. As the Arts & Entertainment editor, he mainly writes stories revolving around movies, music, and the entertainment industry - a field he's tremendously interested in. In his free time, he enjoys playing the guitar, writing prose and spoken word, building upon his LP collection and listening to all kinds of music, delving into movies of all types, and seeing live music, and researching extraterrestrials. He's always had an inclination to all things other worldly and supernatural, and he will argue the existance of all mythical creatures to the grave. Some other notable skills of his include killing weak, easily wounded spiders that appear in his bedroom, brainstorming ideas for his own comic books (Like Nate Dirty. His catchphrase would be: "What time is it? Nate Dirty!") When Brody grows up, he wants to reunite Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins so he can sing backup on the new Genesis record.

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BANKS -- Goddess Review

BANKS — Goddess Review

September 24, 2014
Ryan Adams -- 1984 REVIEW

Ryan Adams — 1984 REVIEW

September 10, 2014
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