Fresh Beats with Brody: Drowners’ Debut LP

This self titled record from the Swedish pop group Drowners flaunts a spirit as fresh faced as the band themselves. A collection of short but ever so sweet songs, most clocking in around two minutes populate the album. The debut self-titled work from Drowners encompasses a black & white night out on the town that could easily be drawn straight out of a Polaroid. One after another, these tracks flourish in unison with engaging bass lines, vocals and lyrics capturing youthful spirit, and dapper post punk roots reminiscent of early Strokes work. However, within this style lies a predominant pop drive and potential which brings the songs to a silver tongued spirit. “Long Hair” is a precise, swift track with an appealing take on the streets spirit. Lead single “Luv, Hold Me Down” features an Arctic Monkeys-esque introduction and spirited lyricism holding this track between a love song and a brash hymn addressing teenage independence. “So hold me down/And never let me go/My schoolboy grin/It only goes to show/And I can never have such control/Every time you leave I wanna glow.” “Let Me Finish” is a cheeky, post commitment confession; promiscuous late night encounters are paid homage with a saunter absent in many of these other songs.

Don’t get your hopes up for any slow songs on this foot tapping collection – These songs are all groove (With the exception of “You Keep Showing Up”, a honeyed bonus track on the iTunes edition). Nonetheless, “A Button on your Blouse” steals the show. With romantic and simultaneously erotic lyricism-“Why don’t you just come around/And undo another button on your blouse/These days you know I hardly leave the house/And I hate the thought of you/I hate the thought of you missing out.”- This adamant anthem attributes an illuminated composure to the album as a whole. While the framework behind Drowners debut has the probability to drag, this potential is lifted by the joyous post punk and pop concoction these songs stay within reach of. It offers little breathing room in between it’s bold fleet of songs, but in spite of this rapid pattern, this new treat from Drowners has the charm of a late night drive and a day out in the streets from side A to B; striking the heart of the 90’s Britpop revival while making a formidable soundtrack to any mischief, romance, or youthful spirit you might be off chasing.


Listen to: “A Button on your Blouse” and “Let Me Finish”

Be sure to check out Drowners’ official website.