Fresh Beats with Brody: Conor Oberst, “Hundreds of Ways”

“What a thing to be a witness to the sunshine…”


Conor Oberst’s revered musical establishment is thanks to his sprawling discography under the name Bright Eyes, his work with The Mystic Valley River Band, and his lone solo record. That solo album will soon have a counterpart, however; a release targeted for later this year and introduced with “Hundreds of Ways.” A shrewd tune of open road, day to day wisdom, this perspective song chases gratification through big picture charisma; skipping stones over multi-instrumental roots country and Oberst’s stamped, confessional tranquility. “There are hundreds of ways to get through the day/Just find one,” intones the singer-songwriter’s trembling vocals which have come to set his aesthetic apart from all the others. A simple, state of the art world is painted on “Hundreds of Ways,” and if the full length is to follow in it’s footsteps, quivering enlightenment is on the horizon.


Be sure to check out Oberst’s new solo record Upside Down Mountain on when it releases on May 20, 2014.