Brody’s Song of the Day: Billy Joel, “Half a Mile Away”

Do you eagerly wait for me to post a new review? Are you on the edge of your seat for the next Decades In Review? Is my music blog the homepage on your, your mom’s, and your hamster’s computer? Did you love Nicholas Cage’s performance in The Wicker Man? If you answered yes to all three of these – and I’m sure you did – have no fear, the solution to your eagerness is here! Follow the Brody’s Song of the Day playlist, where I’ll be adding some neat new music every day so you can be graced by my impeccable taste seven times a week. Every Monday following this one, I’ll feature that days song along with quick cut reviews of the previous week’s tracks. 

The first addition to this anthology of tunes is Billy Joel’s “Half a Mile Away”, a song off Joel’s classic 1978 record 52nd Street. The song boasts roaring jazz arrangements, mo-town reminiscent background vocals, and the signature magnetism that made Joel the musical legend today.

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