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Scott Culver celebrates his goal against Centaurus in the Unified Soccer tournament, winning the game.

The power of inclusion

They do it for the smile. Pure genuine happiness, something so alien in day-to-day high school life. It’s what makes an educator’s job so different from the others. Coach Devin “Gonzo”...

Flynn Leonard ‘25 runs with his lacrosse stick, looking for an open teammate. His team hasn’t lost a game in three years.

Commit for life

September 1, 2023. The day it was all for. The day it would all finally pay off. When Flynn Leonard ‘25 was five years old, his dad, Mike Leonard, gave him a lacrosse stick, hoping to pass down his love of the sport. Lacrosse would later become Leonard’s whole life. “From his very early days, Flynn always had a lacrosse stick in his hand, just playing as a little boy,” Mike said. Having played in college, Mike coached Leonard from third to eighth grade. That was when Leonard’s talent really started to take off.
Kendall Weideman ‘19 and Aidan Jones ‘19 have been dating since their freshman year.

Three years later…

Maddie Stilson, Staff Writer January 9, 2019

Although many stories of teenage relationships end in disaster and mayhem, Kendall Weideman ‘19 and Aidan Jones ‘19 are here to say that love can last. After meeting in freshman PE class and connecting...

Actors at the 13th Floow haunted house prepare for another nigt of frights.

5 Haunted House Secrets for Halloween Season

Amelia Krueger, Staff Writer October 21, 2018

It’s finally October. The month of fall, leaves, pumpkins, and Halloween. Haunted houses are a festive way to embrace the Halloween season. 13th Floor has been named one of Denver’s best haunted houses,...

Editor in Chief Emma Baziuk and managing editor Ellie Guanella celebrate yearbook distribution day with a smile.

A Final Word on the Yearbook

We woke up early 172 times. 171 times too many. Gosh- are they ever gonna change the schedule? Honestly. We cheered on our football in the fall and threw flour in the air as the first whistle...

The Black and White Keys to the Door of Creativity

The Black and White Keys to the Door of Creativity

Aaron Fackenthall and Madie Devendorf January 24, 2018

Many skilled pianists begin their training with hours of lessons, sonatas and concertos, and endless music theory. Though Jacob McGann has undoubtedly proven his talent at the piano, his first experiences...

It’s (not) All Greek to Me

It’s (not) All Greek to Me

Mandy Matteson, Emma Gentry, and Sali Castro January 17, 2018

To some people, reading is a chore; to others, it’s a chance to explore any world  as portrayed through paper and ink. For Ida Nussbaumer (10), a Swiss exchange student, the joy of reading has inspired...

Many of NOAAs Boulder laboratories are located in the David Scaggs Research Center

A Task of Ecology

Skylar Hedman and Phil Phronesius January 6, 2018

Like many high schoolers, Katy Sun (10) is constantly juggling schoolwork and extracurriculars. However, she has one very unique item on her everyday to-do list: an internship with NOAA. With the help...

A Ride in the Right Direction

A Ride in the Right Direction

Chasity Harris and Sneha Varanasi November 17, 2017

Sophomore Sophia Stern has been riding horses ever since her sixth birthday. “Back in California the first time I started riding was at one of those pony ride that rides you around at fairs - and I sort...

Rupali Hofmann shows an envelope of letters she received from her students. The envelope is shaped like a heart and is filled with endless supportive and grateful letters. “I receive more from kids than they do from me” Hofmann said

Giving the Gift of Kindness

November 6, 2017

With almost 1,800 students stampeding through the halls, it’s easy to blend in with the crowd. However, TAG advisor and Forum teacher Rupali Hofmann makes it her mission to, as she says, “see the students...

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