Three years later…

How these lovebirds have stayed together throughout high school


Maddie Stilson

Kendall Weideman ‘19 and Aidan Jones ‘19 have been dating since their freshman year.

Although many stories of teenage relationships end in disaster and mayhem, Kendall Weideman ‘19 and Aidan Jones ‘19 are here to say that love can last. After meeting in freshman PE class and connecting through Instagram, this power couple have now been together for almost three years.

From an outsider perspective, being in a relationship that lasts more than a couple of months may seem unachievable. However, Weideman and Jones have another view.

“As long as we share communication and trust, we can fix any of our issues,” Weideman said.

They both agree that they have grown together and have come a long way from when they first started dating. “Our first date was at Kendall’s neighborhood park,” Jones said. “I think it was cute to see how much we both tried for each other even on the first date.”

They admitted that they have changed as individuals from that first date and are outright opposites of each other in many ways.

“Aidan is more shy, [and] I’m more outgoing. I love to plan things out, and he goes more with the flow,”

However, Weideman said, this doesn’t stop them from having an epic love story.

Three years later, and their secret to staying together for so long is quite simple.

“We never stop laughing and sharing love with each other,” Weideman said. If that isn’t enough to melt hearts, they also added that their favorite things to do are with each other, whether it’s a coffee date or a trip across the country.

Love in the teenage world is often mocked and looked down upon. While this stops some people from taking the leap into relationships, the pair have some words of wisdom for those lost in the complicated world of young love. “Protect each other and always compromise. The most important thing is to always say, ‘I love you’ no matter how mad you are at each other,” Weideman said.

With these words of sage advice that this duo lives by, they continue to be two of the luckier people, having found one another in the crowded hallways of Monarch High.