Open Enrollment Night Attracts Prospective Freshmen


Biology teacher Kristin Donley and some of her students display the AP bio and senior research seminar classes that are offered at Monarch. On the other side of the hall Donley was also showing off the 3D technology that she is able to use in her teaching.

Daisy Fuchs, Staff Reporter

The halls of Monarch hummed with life. Music floated through the air from the orchestra that was playing in the stairwell. Smells wafted through the halls as catering students carried platters of meatballs and a tower of cake pops balanced upon a table in the hall. Using a multitude of languages, the teachers of the world language department enthusiastically greeted anyone who passed by. A variety of books and papers were spread out across a long table in front of the language arts teachers. They would talk passionately about books with any passerby who showed interest. Frisbees were propelled through the air by a robot, causing anyone trying to cross the hall to have to wait to make sure that the airways were clear, while a few feet further down the science hall, a beaker bubbled with orange liquid.

A collection of clubs advertised all that they have to offer,and handing out candy to help along the interest.  And all of this was being taken in by the eighth graders and their parents who were exploring the halls of the place that could be their next four years.

On the evening of Tuesday, December 3 an estimated 171 families came to Monarch’s Open Enrollment Night. Each year Monarch hosts an open enrollment night to display to prospecting incoming freshmen why Monarch is the high school for them.

Most teachers were there to answer any and all questions. Clubs and activities encircled the cafeteria, exhibiting the variety of opportunities offered throughout a student’s high school career. Families left from the school and into the snowy night with thick gold and white folders filled with a mass of information to help them in their decisions about the upcoming four years that lie ahead of them.