The 2017 SupportMusic Merit Award

New Opportunities for the Music Department

Sneha Varanasi

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All the World’s a Stage
December 15, 2016

The Monarch High School Music Department has a wide range of achievements. Their most recent success was being selected as a winner of the 2017 SupportMusic Merit Award after careful consideration of several factors.

It’s a recognition of really building a solid community for music education. From everything from numbers in the program, to parent and community support, to outreach, to funding, to numbers of students that are involved and take leadership roles — all of that is a combination and a culmination to be considered for the award,” said Choir Instructor Luke Skerpon.

The process of adding ensembles, recruiting students, and trying out different concert styles helped the Monarch Music Department qualify.

“We have to look at what we can do best do for the most success in educational value for our students,” Skerpon said.

Given that only two schools in the state received this award, the department is very excited and proud of such a special honor.

“It’s really a reflection on the music program and music community we have inside the building and outside the building here at Monarch. We have a great support network of parents, students, community members, and alumni. It really speaks to the dedication and quality of that commitment and support we have here at Monarch,” Skerpon said.

Now that they have this award, the music department’s looking to spread the news. They expect to receive a banner of recognition, a new logo to put up on their materials, and a press release out to the community.

“[The award] allows us to apply for other grants for our programs that weren’t an option before receiving this award. Whether we receive those or not, we don’t know, but at least it opens the door for us to pursue those grant opportunities,” Skerpon said.