Annabeth Meaney

Student of the Week – September 12th, 2016


For some people, art is just a hobby or something they like to do in their spare time. For others, art is their life. Annabeth Meaney is one of these people. For as long as she can remember, she has loved to draw and draws whenever she can. She uses it as a way to express what is going on in her head and considers drawing her biggest talent.

sow-annabeth-meaney20160909_0125“I’ve always liked art. I just started drawing for no apparent reason just cause like, I don’t know, get my mind onto paper.”

Meaney has big dreams as well. It is her dream to become an animator at Pixar studios and use her love for drawing to create more movies like the classic Pixar films that many people have grown up with. Meaney was even fortunate enough to receive a tour of Pixar Studios and was able to see what goes on behind the scenes.

“[At the end of a] short film at this film festival, this animator from Pixar went up there and, I talked to him, and he said that he’d give me a tour of Pixar. I learned a lot about them, and like, you got to go into their animator’s corners and into their writer’s corners, and like, the different sides are completely opposite.”

Along with still life drawings, Meaney has been experimenting with animation, using both traditional and digital art. Usually just making small clips to master the art of animation, she has made one complete animation, with a second one still in production. Meaney made her first animation when she was 12 years old, and it tells the story of a girl who blows a bubble and then flies away.

“It was a minute long but with really long frame times. Like 12 frames per second. Or maybe 5. The second one was about a girl who gets bored and goes on an adventure.”

Meaney’s favorite animation that she has made is a short gif of a cyclops girl turning her head and smiling.