Sydney McDonald

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Senior Checklist
May 17, 2017

You may not know Senior Sydney McDonald personally, but you’ve probably at least heard her on the morning announcements. This fiery redhead is a theatre kid, an artist, and so much more.

Sydney has been drawing her whole life, but took it up seriously in eighth grade. She has been acting since 4th grade, and singing since she was 2. So how does a theatre kid get into drawing in 8th grade? Sydney went to see Les Miserables for the first time and decided to try and draw the characters.

One of Sydney McDonalds drawings.

“I started drawing pictures of the characters and got really excited about it,” said Sydney.

Music is the inspiration for a lot of what Sydney does and she is in choir and loves to sing.

“I have been singing since I was two and haven’t stopped singing since then,” Sydney said. She considers music to be a really important aspect in theatre as well.

One of Sydney McDonald’s drawings.

Art is very relaxing to Sydney and one of her favorite activities, “It’s stress relieving, I like to look at something and understand it better because I am able to copy what it looks like,” said Sydney. She spends a lot of her time drawing portraits and realism pieces.

Acting has become one of Sydney’s favorite forms of art and has given her a unique insight into life.

“I’ve always enjoyed it because stepping into the perspective of different characters helps me understand people better,” said Sydney.

The senior has played many different roles in the past couple years, but her all time favorite role has been Morticia Addams and she said,“ It was really fun to play a character that was so dynamic and I got to work with really amazing people.”

Sydney hopes to continue acting in the future.

Sydney is one of the heads of set tech in theatre and gets to incorporate her drawing abilities into theatre by helping to create some of the sets for the plays.

“It’s almost like doing 3-D art and then getting to paint it to have cool effects on it,” she said.

One of the most recent set Sydney helped create was the mountains in the Macbeth play. Sydney has also drawn a couple of the posters for the school theatre’s plays and musicals.

So next time you see a play, hear the morning announcements, or just need someone with some epic drawing skills, think of Sydney McDonald. This talented artist is definitely worth meeting.