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Student art featured at The Art Underground

Ellie Guanella

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December 13, 2017

For most artists, seeing their work on display in public is a huge step forward in their career. For these high school artists, they were able to take that step before graduating. 18 Monarch artists were featured in the exhibit and each one displayed their unique personality through their art.

The experience had a different effect on each artist, and being surrounded by other artists’ work inspired them. Emma Gentry (10) had her work featured in the show and talked about how the show over all inspired her.

I love seeing the different styles and mediums of art my fellow peers create, and it honestly opens up my eyes in an artistic sense.” Gentry said. The show also provided insight into how art can bring people together. Gentry added, “This event has given me the opportunity to make many new friends through the art that we make and that I make.”

The Art Underground, located in downtown Louisville, was where the student work was featured.

The exhibit displays a wide range of art from a wide range of artists. Sarah Schemmerling (12) talked about her experience with the show.

I have four works up [in the show], and they are pretty different artworks,” Schemmerling said.

The show shined a light on all of the hidden talent in our school. “I think we have so many talented people at our school and it was cool to see that,” Schemmerling added.

Perhaps the most exciting part for all of the artists was stepping out into public with their work on display and getting a taste of being a professional artist.

Colin Crawford (12) shared how this show impacted him. “I thought that it was really cool and a nice step into the professional world of being an artist to learn how art shows really work.” Crawford said.

This show was a vital first step in these young artists careers. “Overall I thought it was a really great experience and is a great way to start my art career.” Crawford said.

If you didn’t know that the art being displayed was high school students work, you never would have known. The exhibit had a sense of professionalism around it and really provided viewers with a genuine chance to experience the artist’s works. The Art Underground has always been home to many interesting exhibits, but this one was especially inspiring.