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The Boys are Back
September 8, 2016


1)Excessive Highlighter

This trend took off in 2016. Everyone loved them some highlighter, who wouldn’t love them some glow? But, it has gone way overboard; to cake your face with highlighter makes you look like a glazed donut, yummy-but too much will make you sick.



Why? Seriously why? Wearing sneakers with an outfit is totally okay! Wearing heels with an outfit, totally okay! Mixing the shoes together- not okay. Sneakers are super comfortable and they can really make an outfit, so why add heels to them? The point is for sneakers to be comfortable, so why add heels that can make your feet start barking within minutes?


3)Overly distressed jeans

Everyone loves a pair of distressed jeans. They can totally change the look of an outfit, but when your jeans are barely hanging on by a thread, they’re not changing the outfit in a good way. It’s time to get rid of them! Distressed-good. Overly distressed- very very bad.


4)High-low dress

So somehow this trend has made it through 2013, 2014, 2015, and all the way to 2016. It must die here. High low? More like no no. These dresses do nothing for the shape of anyone, making long legs look awkwardly longer, and short legs ten times shorter. 2017, stay away from high-low dresses!


5)Dyeing your hair grey

At some point we are all going to get old and our hair is going to turn grey naturally. So why is it now popular to premature the aging of our hair? This trend needs to die, before our hair dies from the chemicals of dye.


6)Marijuana apparel

We get it. We know your hobbies. You don’t have to broadcast to everyone.


7)Space buns

You know, space buns are actually really cute-if you’re going to a concert or you’re five. But wearing them to the dog park or to the mall. No.

8)Kim K bodycon dresses

Just because Kim K can pull it off doesn’t mean the rest of us can. Bodycon dresses have become a huge thing on instagram, which can never be good. Every semi popular person on instagram has posted way too many pictures in bodycon dresses in 2016.


9)Boys Jogger khakis

Joggers are good and so are khakis. But why do we have to mix two good things together? Why can’t we just keep it simple and do one or the other. This is like trying to decided to be casual or not. Pick one.


10)Supreme shirts

This pretty much goes with all name brand stuff. But, the amount of times I hear guys talk about how annoying it is that girls wear all the same things that are so expensive. But guys spend a ton of money for a super basic shirt. C’mon man.