There are More Genders than You Think…

 Local youth march down the Pearl Street Mall to spread LGTBQA visibility as part of Out Boulder’s week long Pridefest event.

Flora Mai and Madison Curry

November 3, 2015

First of all, let’s dispel the idea that gender and sexuality are the same when they’re actually very different. Gender refers to mentally male, female or transgender people just as an example. A person’s sexuality meanwhile, defines who they are attracted to. People often think are only two genders, mal...

Flora’s First Week at MOHI

Flora Mai

Flora Mai, Staff Reporter

October 23, 2015

For all of you who do not know me, my name is Flora Mai and I am an exchange student from Germany. I want to tell you about my first week at Monarch. As an exchange student and a total newcomer, my first school day was actually the preparation for the new students. It was also my first time being ...

The Need for Change

By Rafaelgr (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Alexander Biffl, Guest Writer

April 13, 2015

A lot of us realize that our society isn’t perfect, but most of us don’t realize the cause. We are taught as we grow up that the problems of society are because of terrorists, or criminals, or psychopaths, or thieves. But the truth is far from that. Sure, those things do exist, and they’re certainly...

Fair Play?

The back of the student section at the Monarch girls' basketball game on February 10th against Fairview.

Howler Staff

February 11, 2015

In 1972 Title IX was passed by the US government to give women equal opportunities in school sports. Women now have equal opportunities in athletics, especially at a college and high school level. However, this does not mean that athletics are equal for men and women. Recently, while reporting on...

Charlie Hebdo’s Overlooked Issue

Charlie Hebdo's Overlooked Issue

Andrew Patra, Howler Editor in Chief

February 8, 2015

A new year is about a month in the making, and the metaphorical poop has met the fan blades. You may sit there and say "Well it can't be all that bad! I'm actually going to the gym!", but I am sorry to inform you the issues of 2014 and from the past decade and a half are still very much prevalent. We...

Brody’s Essential Tracks of 2014

Sun Kil Moon's cover of 'Benji'. Caldo Verde Records

Brody Coronelli, Arts & Entertainment Editor

December 31, 2014

On the inside sleeve of the reissue of Josh Ritter's Golden Age of Radio, legendary filmmaker and music journalist Cameron Crowe wrote: "Nothing quite beats the power of a song that arrives perfectly. It can be the melody from a distant window, a guilty-pleasure piece of pop fluff or even the exq...

Fashion Gone Too Far

Screenshot of Google search

Sam Wexler, Yearbook Editor in Chief

September 22, 2014

Urban Outfitters has always been known for unique, ‘hipster’ clothing. But sometimes unique design stirs up controversy, as with the September 15th web promotion of a shirt commemorating the Kent State Shootings. Over the years, Urban Outfitters has racked up a stack of lawsuits for offensive...

Chimes & Choruses: Six (More) Records That Changed My Life

Chimes & Choruses: Six (More) Records That Changed My Life

Brody Coronelli, Arts & Entertainment Editor

May 4, 2014

Featured Image Credit: Nickelodeon, Viacom  Every now and then, I come across an album that stands above all the rest and affects me on an emotional or foot tapping level that the others just can't reach. Awhile back I reflected on five of these, and since I listen to an inhuman amount of music, here's ...

Staff Editorial: Our Severed Lives Online

Staff Editorial: Our Severed Lives Online

Monarch Howler

February 28, 2014

It’s seventh period and the teacher is in front of the class talking about the day’s subject matter. You can see out the window, and boy does it look beautiful outside. You still have 15 minutes left in class, but you know that time is going to crawl by like a double-amputee sloth. What you do next ...

The Greatest Acts of Love Throughout Time

KRT ENTERTAINMENT STORY SLUGGED: BEAUTYBEAST KRT PHOTOGRAPH BY WALT DISNEY PICTURES ( December 28) The 10th anniversary of Walt Disney Pictures' animated film,

Claire Green and Emma Gooding-Lord

February 10, 2014

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day we have decided to compile a list of, in our opinion, some of the greatest love stories of all time. From fiction to reality we have made a list of some of the greatest acts of love of all time. We know that there are many many more, but these were some of our favor...

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