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Monarch Trivia Quiz Answers

Teacher Multiple Choice Answers

1. Mr. Leader’s name appears in the credits of which film starring Kevin Costner?

        B. American Flyers

2. Monarch math teacher Mr. Beamer was a professional juggler for how many years?

        B. Fifteen

3. Monarch staffer ________, whose high school nickname was “Legs”, had a summer job at a pickle factory in college.

        A. Mrs. Packard

4. At age 13, Ms. Bucher was a model for which department store?

        C. JC Penney     

5. Which MoHi staff member worked as Geoffrey the Giraffe at a Toys-R-Us in college?

        B. Mrs. Donley

6. Ms. Williams participated in which cultural event in Spain?

        A. Running with bulls in Pamplona

7. In 9th grade French class, Mrs. Lunz’s nickname was…

       B. Huguette

8. Which teacher competed in the “Knitting Olympics” by knitting an entire sweater during the fourteen days of the winter Olympics?

        B. Mrs. Farrell

9. Ms. Stanley trained with which all-men’s sports team while studying abroad in Germany?

        A. The rugby team

10. This teacher served in Morocco for three years as a Peace Corps volunteer.

        B. Mrs. Grace

11. Mr. Clark performed as a ______ in Kansas City.

        C. Clown in a mime troupe

12. In high school, Ms. Prassa was a…

        A. Cheerleader.

13. Which MoHi teacher was the second female in the nation to be awarded and attend college on the Eisenhower – Evans Caddie Scholarship?

          C. Mrs. Stahler

14. What pet did Mrs. Gerrish have that believed it was a dog, even though it clearly was not?

        C. Rabbit

15. Which staff member used to babysit for a famous Chicago mafia lord?

        A. Doc

16. This staff member worked at one of the largest Convents on the East Coast, the Sisters of St. Francis Convent.

        C. Mr. DiCarlo

17. Ms. Rivette held which job before becoming a teacher?

        A. Pinball mechanic

18. _________ worked with juvenile offenders on a wagon train and lived in a teepee before joining the Monarch staff.

        B. Ms. Benisch

19. Mrs. Overton was born four blocks away from which popular tourist attraction?

        C. The Bronx Zoo

20. As a child, Ms. Katzive once had her dress eaten by which animal?

        B. A cow

Monarch Matchup Answers

1. Video announcements originally took place on what day of the week?


2. Which teacher started at Monarch as a part time Biology teacher and is currently a Monarch PE Teacher?

        Gail Hook

3. Which department consists of teachers who have all worked at Monarch since the opening year?

          PE Department 

4. Who is the only assistant principal who has worked at Monarch every year since the school’s opening?

          Mark Sibley

5. What is the most expensive item in the student store?

          Reusable Water Bottle

6. Which Monarch alum became a well-known Christian singer?

           Rachel Lampa

7. Which department contains two teachers who attended Fairview High School at the same time?

           Science Department

8. In what year did high winds peel the roof off the Monarch gym?


9. Which Monarch student holds the record for the most home runs in a career?

           John Ray

10. The giant painting in downstairs A hall was used in what school musical?


11. Where is the NHS information board located in the school?

          Upstairs B

12. Which graduating class had the quote: “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson ?


13. Which graduating class had the quote: “We only live once, but once is enough if we do it right.” – Gary Blair?


14. Which Monarch alum won America’s Next Top Model?

        Nicole Fox

15. What was the first musical theater production at Monarch?


16. What item in the student store costs two dollars?

          Foam Finger

17. Where in the school is the green room located?

        By the library

18. What day of the week is reserved for staff meetings?


19. The field house at Centaurus High School is named after which previous Monarch Athletic Director?

        Monte Sutak

20. Which Monarch alum currently plays basketball for the New Orleans Hornets?

        Louis Amundson

Counting Coyotes Answers

1. Doc is the _____ theater teacher.


2. How many students in Monarch history have received a perfect SAT score?


3. There have been ________ teachers who have completed the Ironman triathlon.


4. What is the number of MoHi alumni sweethearts who married in summer 2012?


5. How many current teachers have been at Monarch since the inaugural year?


6. Which year was there a kindergarten class in room B102?

       Monarch’s first and second years

7. Monarch football has won _______ state championships.


8. How many vice principals have there been at Monarch?


9. How many students are part of Monarch Indoor Percussion?


10. Monarch offers _________ AP courses.


11. How many state championships has the cross country team won?


12. Monarch has had ________ principals.


13. How many elevators are in the school?

       Three (including the lift in the cafeteria)

14. How many married couples work at Monarch?


15. There have been _______ students who have accepted the Boettcher Scholarship.


These are the answers to the trivia quiz that appeared in the March 22nd issue of the Howler.

True or False Answers

1. Monarch’s first Librarian was also Mr. Lowe’s fifth grade librarian.


2. Monarch was named after the Monarch butterfly.


3. Mr. Sibley used to be a business teacher.


4. There is a tunnel that connects the K8 and the high school.


5. Monarch has had the same registrar for every year since the school opened.


6. The current Monarch Poms team won the state competition for their jazz routine.


7. The forum and library windows are parabolic.


8. There are fewer than 40 eighth graders enrolled at Monarch.


9. The junior class is the largest class at Monarch.


10. No Monarch student has ever received a perfect ACT score.



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