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Q&A with “Mhs Compliments”

The “Mhs Compliments” page was created on January 30th.

If the Monarch Facebook community has seemed a little nicer in the last week, it’s probably due to the “Mhs Compliments” page, which anonymously posts compliments about students and teachers on behalf of others. Anyone can send their compliment via a private message to the page, and it will be posted by the administrator for everyone to see. Below is a Q&A session with the page’s owner, who prefers to stay anonymous.

Q: Why did you start this page?

A: I started this page because I have witnessed a lot of MOHI mistreating it’s fellow peers, and I have always known that even under the tough exterior that people always put up in high school, there is still a sweet, nice, and kind interior that they are just scared to show. So I wanted to give people a way to express that

Q: Why is your profile picture Mr. Bravo?

A: In my honest opinion, he is one of the nicest teachers we have at this school, and he has always been one to compliment. And it just seemed appropriate for this page

Q: How has the page worked out so far in your opinion?

A: It has worked out exceedingly well in my opinion, I never expected it to blow up like this.

Q: What are some of your favorite compliments that have gone on the page? Do any stand out as really awesome or funny?

A: I’ve gotten a couple funny ones, none of which really are prominent in my mind right now, but the most awesome ones, I think, are the ones where people tell other that they are strong/beautiful inside and out. It really makes me happy to know that people notice the both sides of one person.

Q: Why do you like to stay anonymous?

A: I like to stay anonymous because I don’t want people’s opinion of who I may be to affect the things they say. I feel that if they don’t know who is running this, they can feel more open and honest and not feel like they could be judged or anything like that.

Q: What’s the most you can tell me about who you are?

A: I go to Monarch High School, I love my school and everyone in it, and I am glad to be giving people the vent they need to be honest about their emotions

Q: Anything else you want the student body to know?

A: Everyone of you deserves to be recognized and appreciated. We all work so hard for months on end, and though it can get tough sometimes, it’s always good to know that you have people out there who love you and see you for who you really are

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