Restaurant Review: Snarfburger


Seth Widner

Snarfburger filling up seats as they fill out orders. Snarfburger is set to open officially for business on Tuesday, October 29th.

Seth Widner, Staff Reporter/Cartoonist

Opens: 10/29/2013

Location: 985 S. Public Road, Lafayette, CO 80026

Hours: 11am to at least 10pm

(They are still deciding if they want to possibly close around 11pm or 12pm)

Serves: Dine-In and Takeout

Cost: $3.75 – $7.25

Ratings: Food (4/5) Experience (5/5) Service (4/5) Convenience (4/5)


An Early Look at Lafayette’s New Burger Joint

If you have ever taken the time to scarf down some food at Snarfburger in Boulder, then you will be pleasantly surprised to know that a Snarfburger will be setting up camp this Tuesday, October 29th in Lafayette. I was lucky enough to get an early experience of what Snarfburger is bringing into town.

They serve beef and veggie burgers (includes cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mayo, mustard ketchup and hot sauce), hot dogs, and a couple of hot sandwiches. Sides include either be fries, onion rings, or frings (both onion rings and fries) as well as soda or iced tea for your beverage. They do have a dessert menu which includes custard and milkshakes.

The service there was great, I ordered my food in a timely fashion and about 10 minutes later I received my order. The only complaint I have about their service was my burger was lopsided when I unwrapped it, granted it was super busy and I did get almost everything I could on it.

I ordered a double Snafburger with bacon and some fries, and it was a very satisfactory, filling meal, but nothing too special. However, one detail that was unique about the Snarfburger I had was the bun, which I figured out later was locally baked with their own homemade recipe. Something about a homemade bun truly does set it apart from any other burger I have tried in the past. The fries were exceptional, I found myself even getting another order after finishing my meal. Unless you are an onion ring advocate, I would recommend avoiding them because they are not as tasty as I thought they were going to be. Unfortunately, their machine for making ice cream and custard had not arrived yet so I did not get to test out the dessert portion of the menu.

The experience of going there was second to none, I genuinely enjoyed hanging out with my friends and eating my Snarfburger inside the restaurant. The walls on the inside are basically all glass and there were plenty of stools all around. The environment feels very open. It felt like I was dining outside except with fancier seating. The stools were up to date with all of your stool needs: they have a foot rest, they are the perfect size, easy to move around, and they spin. What more do you need when you have spinning stools?

I know I will be anticipating my next visit to Snarfburger after the official opening this Tuesday. If you are ever in Lafayette and are looking for a solid meal, I would recommend Snarfburger every time. I hope the Goodtimes down the street is ready for some friendly burger competition, because this place is going to get popular fast.