10 Ideas to Maximize your Winter Break

Because no matter your religion, 16 days off school is a gift


Daisy Fuchs

A fun cookie idea: ginger bread house

Daisy Fuchs, Web Editor-in-Chief

Winter break means that first semester is done. There will be no homework, no stress, no alarm clocks, and no tests for 16 whole days. This is probably the best thing any high school student can encounter well, other than summer break. With such precious time every second must be valued and cherished and here are a few ideas how.

  • Sleep: This is something that every single student dearly misses while school is in session. There are usually after school activities, mountains of homework and first period bell at 7:30 am getting in the way. So turn off your alarm clock and enjoy sleeping until noon and then maybe a couple naps later in the day.
  • Play in the snow: Being in high school does not mean that you are too “old” or “mature” to build a snowman or have a snowball fight complete with snow forts and hot cocoa afterwards.
  • Go sledding: This is separate from “play in the snow” because time needs to be specially dedicated to sledding. You must find the perfect sledding hill and take a couple hours to enjoy the glory of flying downhill on a piece of plastic and hoping you don’t hit a tree (it is suggested you find a hill with minimal trees).
  • Read a book: Yes, “educational” is not usually the adjectives that kids are looking for in over break activities, but there is nothing comparable to reading a good book with a mug of tea or hot cocoa. If you haven’t found a book that interests you in year try the library, they have more books and topics than you could ever read, that and most librarians will be thrilled to help you find a book.
  • Make cookies: Never ever pass up the opportunity to enjoy good food, especially if it includes decorating with frosting and eating cookie dough. No matter your flavor preference you can find a recipe and a good cold-weather activity. Seriously, they even  have bacon flavored cookies. The internet is a great invention.
  • Watch Star Wars: All the buzz this year has been the new edition to Star Wars, The Force Awakens, which premiers on December 18th. To prepare for it, or to fully absorb the awe after seeing the newest installment, re-watching Star Wars is always a great plan for passing an evening or an entire day. Your choice.
  • Make a blanket fort: Here is the truth about Colorado in the winter: it is really cold. All Coloradans have survival hacks including tea, sweaters (never pass up an ugly sweater during the holidays), or sitting on top of the heating vent, but building a blanket fort is always a great option. Fill up your fort with pillows and extra blankets and take a nap (see number one). There is also an added bonus if you manage to have your fort next to a heating vent.
  • Play a board game: When was the last time you had the time to play a full game of Monopoly with your friends? Because what could ever be better than extortion, going to jail, and buying more real estate than you can probably afford? Enough said.
  • Go out and enjoy the holiday spirit: Everywhere is covered in lights and playing Christmas music. There are people crowding ice skating rinks and visiting Santa at the mall. Even if none of these activities appeal to you, go out and enjoy the joy that they bring to the winter.
  • Take some time to appreciate your friends and family: This is a season about treasuring those who make your life so wonderful. So many people love you so much so take the chance to show them what they mean to you. Remember to tell your parents thank you or call your extended family and wish them “Happy Holidays”, and maybe even appreciate your crazy siblings.