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Welcome to Colorful Colorado

Welcome to Colorful Colorado

Matthew Spratlin, Brenna Severson, and Mars Smith March 27, 2023

Roaming The Rockies Local spring break recommendations “Bouldering is great in the spring because the snow melts, so the rocks are dry, but it’s cool outside so you can take advantage of the friction...

Flexing On Failure

Flexing On Failure

Arianna Bergman March 25, 2023

The gym can seem daunting to women. Weight rooms are commonly filled with muscular men lifting heavy weights. Sweat. Anger. Testosterone. Such a dank environment causes many women to hesitate to enter...

Its Called Football

It’s Called Football

Zach Mirviss and Alex Randle March 23, 2023

In 1983, Keith Mainland, a competitive soccer player at Georgia State University, walked off of the soccer field with his head held high. While he didn’t win, he felt like a champion. Over two years,...

KYOT 03/21/2023

March 21, 2023

A local news celebrity once walked the halls of Monarch High School. We catch up with him to find out how he found his way from MoHi to the TV screen. Then, we address the parking situation head on to...

A patient talks with their doctor about medication. The patient trusted their doctors decision to prescribe medication for them.

Drug Deceptions

Cas East March 20, 2023

In an offshoot room in the library, a junior sits. The table shakes from their foot bouncing as their breath is bated. Their world is closing in. They can’t breathe. But a friend helps. Their kind words...

Frequent Flyers

Frequent Flyers

Zach Mirviss March 19, 2023

In upstairs B wing, science teacher Eric Gordon watches students buzzing on computers with specialized features. Rudder pedals. Yokes. Throttles. It’s on these computers that a flight training program...

Alana Saliba ‘23 Plays her violin. She has taken orchestra for 3 years and became a sectional leader.

Orchestrating a Family

Minh Anh Le March 17, 2023

Sitting in the first chair of the second violin in the orchestra as a freshman, Alana Saliba ‘23 faced the responsibility of navigating a tense dynamic in the ensemble. “I knew that the seniors...

Many high school struggle with mental health issues. Many different medications can help teenagers cope.

Alleviate The Pain

Heart-wrenching loneliness. Emptiness. These feelings may be foreign. Odd. Wrong. Scary. For Vishva Venkataraman ‘23, those feelings were all too real. However, the compassion and understanding...

KYOT 03/14/2023 Broadcast

March 14, 2023

A member of the BVSD ski team shares what motivates him. Then, we learn about the drive behind Monarch's Winter Guard team. Plus, T-Rock trades in his baseball bat for a golf club with some surprising...

Jason Brotski 24 fights for the puck in a game against Valor Christian. He and the team had a successful season this year.

Pucking Up The Slack

Abbey Elalouf and Ben Lehman March 13, 2023

It’s game day. Rap or hip-hop blasts in the locker room as the Monarch hockey team kicks a soccer ball back and forth to get loose. While most of the team is getting hyped for the upcoming game, Connor...

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