Single Review: Nick Santino, “Can’t Say I Miss You”


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Parting ways with A Rocket To The Moon has seemed to bring good tidings for the singer-songwriter Nick Santino. Over the past year, he’s released two EPs – Going Home and The Ones You Meet Along The Way, both emphasizing solemn acoustics, old signature folk tints, and simple Johnny Cash reminiscent chord progressions. The two EPs showcased a comfortable, experienced songwriter successfully dabbling into solo territory. However, in listening, you couldn’t help but think that he’s capable of more.

“Can’t Say I Miss You” is the first track off Nick Santino’s debut record Big Skies, and it exercises the exact musical intricacy his EPs were begging for. The album was recorded in Arizona at 8123 Studios, a new recording space put together by rising indie-rock group The Maine, and the crystal clear, windy southwestern production in the song is outstanding. The song carries a refined, breezy impression reminiscent of Tom Petty – There’s even traces of the rock & roll virtuoso’s autographed organ in the chorus. There’s a running theme of not missing someone while at the same time hoping they’re happy, and Santino’s outspoken vocals sound to be holding onto this old flame while keeping his eyes on the future. “You’re an empty house that I’m haunting/When you’re gone I won’t be coming back around,” he interjects, concluding the chorus.

What’s really impressive about this track is how it’s breezy atmosphere gives the impression that a numerous amount of instruments were utilized, when in reality all there’s nothing but an electric and acoustic guitar, an organ, and the obligatory bass and drums. Subsequent to the second chorus, a folksy riff leads the song into a lonely acoustic interlude with just Santino and some chords. Following this, the song quickly catches up with it’s shadow and it’s pondered, definitive conclusion: “I won’t be coming back around,” he howls, bringing the song to a pleasant, gusty end.

This is some of Nick Santino’s best work so far, and it’s sure to fully establish him as a dynamic solo artist along with Big Skies, which drops on May 27.

Grade: A

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