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No Place for Hate celebrated Halloween with signing to end hate

No Place for Hate is the largest club at Monarch High School with about 100 members.  The club has goals that they want to accomplish and one of them is to make this school a better place where others are more accepting and to not bully each other.  Bullying can happen everywhere, face to face, online, or even through other people.

“There is a lot of cyber bullying that happens on private Twitter’s,”  said sophomore Hope Widner said.  This club wants all of this hating to stop.  

On October 30th, 2015, No Place for Hate had tables set up with lots of candy to give away to others.  The club wants more people to agree to make this school a better place.

“To make this school a better place I am willing to be an active bystander,” said sophomore Abigail Hein.

No Place for Hate got pages of signatures from people to agree to sign this petition.  No Place for Hate gave everyone candy to everyone who signed the pledge so that the club could get more people to make this school a better and more accepting place.