Fire Up the Grill

Grill Club is back September 23


Grill Club Secretary, Greg Hibl, sits with his head low after discovering the Grill club had been suspended. The senior was planning to grill for the lunch period.

After a brief suspension after playing explicit music last week, Grill Club will be making more appearances in the future.

During second lunch on Friday, September 2, it was brought to administration’s attention that the club was playing explicit music. Music has always been a part of Grill Club and the group had never encountered issues with this problem before, but the content of the music playing was enough for the administration to temporarily suspend the club. Grill Club was given warnings about their music three times before being approached by assistant principal Eric Moroye, but tempers and adrenaline were running high after being shut down.   

The chain of events roused the question of whether or not making the decision was an infringement of free speech. Did administration have the right to put Grill Club on hold due to explicit music? Turns out, yes. Assistant Principal, Eric Moroye, revealed that Monarch follows the standard law set by the US Supreme Court Decision, Bethel v. Fraser, stating that it is appropriate for schools to prohibit vulgar and offensive language while at school. When it came down to it, many students seemed to at least understand the administration’s reasoning behind the explicit music.  

“I definitely think that [admin] have a right to tell the students that they should not be playing explicit music, but I don’t think that it should be a cause to shut down a club,” said senior Abbey Wiley.

Health teacher Troy Tewalt, the club’s sponsor, also could see where the administration was coming from and when asked if administrators made the right move in regards to the music he replied, “Yes. Ultimately for today at least, just to send the message that the music won’t be tolerated.”

When it comes down to it, Grill Club is about much more than burgers and hotdogs. With a website, jerseys, and even punch cards, Grill Club has grown so much in the last year and in the process has become a significant source of school spirit. With increasing crowds each week, the team of students provides food, music, an alternative to students going off campus, school spirit.

Head boy, Harrison Waldmann, stands front and center in the Grill Club festivities, just one lunch period before the club was shut down.
Elijah Soto
Head boy, Harrison Waldmann, stands front and center in the Grill Club festivities, just one lunch period before the club was shut down.

“Juniors, sophomores, freshmen.. we are all grilling together and would otherwise not [hang out together]. It brings the school together. It’s a club for the people by the people,” Vice President of Grill club, Sawyer Lofstedt said.

Grill Club even has plans to give back to the school where the grilling all began.

“The kids are trying to raise money through donations to give something back to the school. What they’re hoping to do is raise enough money to get something nice for the school, but we haven’t decided what that will be as a group yet,” said Tewalt.

The club has plans to move forward while also keeping things exciting and fun. Music will be present, just clean and approved by administration before hitting the speakers.

Grill Club will make its official return September 23.