Back On Target

Community rejoices as local target reopens


MoHi Mix

Henry Vahl ‘23 works the self checkout line at the Superior Target. He has worked there since the building re-opened after the Marshall Fire.

To Poppy Quincy ‘25, the Target in Superior was more than just a store, it was a place of comfort.
“I’ve lived here my whole life, and going to Target, I’ve done that pretty much my entire life,” she said.
When the Marshall Fire devastated the Louisville-Superior area on the evening of December 30, 2021, the local Target was badly damaged. Quincy lost her home completely.
With her life already completely changed by the fires, a closed Target only made things much more difficult.
“I had to buy a bunch of replacement stuff because my house burned down,” Quincy said. “We had to drive all the way to Westminster to get clothes from a different Target. So it kind of was like a huge, huge deal for my family.”
So, when the doors of Target finally re-opened its doors on August 30—eight long months after the fire, Quincy was ecstatic, “We went 3 times the week it re-opened,” Quincy said. “It was really refreshing to go back there.”
The re-built Target also provided job opportunities to the community, especially Monarch students like Henry Vahl, who is currently employed at Target.
“I’m glad it’s reopened. I didn’t like having to drive to the Westminster Target,” Vahl said. “But it’s nice now that it’s remodeled, and it’s good that it’s over.”
The reopening of Target signifies our strength as a community and our progress in light of the destruction caused.
“Finally, we have our Target back,” Quincy said.