Mark Sibley


What is your current job title?

Interim Principal at Monarch High School.

What is your previous job experience?

I started coaching at Centaurus in 1992 and taught there until 1995. When Monarch opened in 1998, I came over and have been here ever since with the exception of last year.

What did you do last year in Nederland?

It developed like this position: It was graduation day, last year, and I received a call from the district asking if I would go up to Nederland for a year to be the principal. They had hired a candidate but they had to quit at the last minute and couldn’t accept the position, so I did.

What would you like to bring to Monarch this year?

I want to continue to keep up the positive energy because I don’t want school to feel just like school for students. You’re going to seven classes, then going home. When kids are involved in being excellent, it really gives them a well rounded experience. I really hope that there’s a continuous positive energy in the building from teachers, students and staff.

What’s it like to fill the shoes of Mr. Anderson?

I think he’s one of the smartest individuals I’ve know. I think the mistake people make is to try to be something they’re not. People eventually see through that. We’re going to continue all the good work that Monarch has been doing and we’ll get to do it in ways that are going to be best for the students.

How does it feel to lead a high school?

With such a high performing school and outstanding students like this, it’s pretty awesome. You probably all heard Mr. Anderson say that he’s proud to be Monarch’s principal, and I’m just as proud. I’ve been here since the very first day it opened, so I certainly never envisioned that I would be in this position.

What is your word of advice for the student body this year?

I would say never pigeonhole yourself by saying ‘I can’t do this’, ‘I can’t do that’, the harder you work now, the easier it is down the road. I wasn’t the best student, but it never kept me from doing what I wanted to do. I had to work harder because I didn’t have the best grades. So my advice is to work hard now because that will pay off in the future.

What was your deciding factor to come back to Monarch?

I wanted to come back here because my daughter is a senior, and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to be on the stage to give my kid their diploma.