There are More Genders than You Think…


Local youth march down the Pearl Street Mall to spread LGTBQA visibility as part of Out Boulder’s week long Pridefest event.

First of all, let’s dispel the idea that gender and sexuality are the same when they’re actually very different. Gender refers to mentally male, female or transgender people just as an example. A person’s sexuality meanwhile, defines who they are attracted to.

People often think are only two genders, male and female. This is not true, there are quite a few genders many of which don’t conform to male or female. To give it a fancy phrasing, the people who do not see themselves as male or female are non-binary.

The most common gender identity is cisgender. Cisgender means that your behavior and your view of your gender matches your biological gender. If you were born a girl and think of yourself as cisgender you would behave and dress like a girl basically, and vice versa.

This is by no means the only gender identity. If you were born as one gender, but your view of your gender and your behavior are of the traditionally opposite gender that sexuality is called transgender. Some people who identify as transgender also get surgery to make their body fit this image of themselves and tend to dress like the gender they identify with.

There are also people who experience two gender identities. These people identify as bigender (both male and female). This might sound strange because such genders are rarely talked about. This person might either identify with both genders at the same time or change between the two genders.

Genderfluid is a gender identity in which the person’s view for their gender identity changes over time and maybe even from day to day! That person might identify as male just as easily as they do female or as completely genderless at any point in time.

When mentioning all these genders one also has to mention the people that identify as genderless, or agender. A person who identifies with this gender thinks of themselves as having no gender at all.

Hearing all this is probably confusing  and yes this is a lot to wrap your head around but, hey even if you don’t understand all of it… roll with it because every person has the right to be who they want to be.