“I Like Me Better” Song Review


The single “I Like Me Better” was released as a single in 2017 by the artist Lauv.

The song “I Like Me Better”  by Lauv has been a breakout hit throughout this year and last year. It has a cheerful beat and catchy and relatable lyrics. Lauv is an artist who has been writing songs since he was 14. The song was inspired by Lauv’s own experience of falling in love after two weeks in New York city. His feelings regarding himself while with his significant other are reflected through the lyrics, “to be drunk and in love in New York City/Midnight into morning coffee/I like me better when I’m with you.”

Lauv wrote and produced this song in his bedroom, which the listeners would never know. His tones are rich and his voice sounds amazing. The lyrics can relate to any listener regardless of their age, since this song expresses the sentiment of feeling and being a better person when you’re with the other person you love. The ideas behind the lyrics make the song relatable, and combined with the upbeat tempo, they help connect the listener to the artist’s feelings. So next time you’re looking for a great song, take a listen to “I Like Me Better” by Lauv.