Bax makes it big

Aspiring musician from Georgia uses his craft as a voice.


Musicians have it rough these days. It seems like people have their taste in music and are too stubborn to give other artists a chance to impress. Artists break their back and their bank just to put out the a singular song that will separate them from the rest. In an abundance of scenarios, it ends up poorly for them.

For Chance Bradley, music comes in the form of entertainment. Going under the stage name, “Bax,” Bradley has been writing music and putting together songs since he was 12 years old.

And it all started because of Tupac Shakur’s hit song “Changes.”

“My dad played that song for me, and that night, I wrote two verses,” Bradley said. “I showed my dad, and he insisted that I keep going on with that.”

Bradley never kept these verses, and he does not recall what they said. However, it was the start of something that he considers an essential piece to his life today.

Growing up in Douglas, Ga., Bax Bradley began to write songs with swift lyrics and a catchy rhythm. Bax has been known by his peers to have a fast mind, which translates into his music in the form of a song.

“I write fast, and I talk fast,” Bradley said. “It helps me voice my emotions while also taking advantage of the skills I have.”

While in Georgia, Bradley never recorded any music. In his words, he had no means of doing so. It was simply a hobby that he played with when he had free time.

It wasn’t until he moved to Colorado that he started to record and share his music. At the age of 15, Bradley released his first song. It was recorded in his doorless closet. He titled it “Bad Habits,” and it has been streamed by more than 700 users on Soundcloud.

Since his original release, Bradley has put out six more songs. Bradley believes that he uses his music as a voice, as his impact on the world, and as a way to be heard.

These songs were enough to book him a show at the Roxy Theatre in Denver. In his first concert, more than 120 people came to listen to the young artist.

“When I got there, I wasn’t nervous,” Bradley said. “But when I woke up that morning, I was a nervous wreck. When it was time for the concert, and we pulled around the corner and saw the Roxy, I was ready.”

One concert at the Roxy was not enough for Bradley. He plans on performing in a variety of venues as soon as possible.

While music is Bradley’s current passion, he isn’t going to pursue it as a career.

“I want to go into the United States Marine Corps,” Bradley said. “I want to take some time after high school to get my life back in order.”

Bradley plans on always keeping music close to him. Music will always be a part of his life and he will always be finding a way to create his voice.

“Music has really helped me since I got involved with it.”

For now, Bax Bradley is hard at work with his craft. His gratitude toward music appears to never falter. He’s excited to see what the future holds.

No matter what, Bradley’s voice will be heard.

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