Anything for a profit

Two students show how easy and accessible reselling can be


Reselling is the art and ambition of purchasing limited or rare items and selling them for a profit.   

To begin reselling, name brand items must be bought, this can be difficult because of the thousands of other people trying to get the same item. 

Lleyton Dahm ‘21 has been reselling clothing and shoes for about five years. He resells products from companies such as Off White, Supreme, and Nike. While the buying is difficult, Dahm gets a rush from it and describes it as his favorite part.  

“Especially when they use raffles because it’s kind of like a lottery with higher odds, and if you win, you feel really lucky,” he said. 

Once the item is bought, he uses apps and websites that help market and sell the items. As a result of these apps and websites, the limits of who the customers are becoming endless. 

“You can sell to essentially anybody. I once sold to somebody in Russia,” said Cameron Parker ‘21, who also is a big reseller.   

Pricing can be difficult, but if the items are quality and unique, a profit can easily be made. 

“Ten percent to 30% is usually what you want to do. Because after shipping, then you’re making at least a little bit of money,” said Parker.

Reselling is an accessible way to purchase and sell anything for a profit, all from the comfort of your own home.