How to make your own mask at home


Lia Farrell

With people venturing out more and more, it’s so critical that people follow the mask guidelines laid out by local and state governments. However, actually coming up with the mask can be a challenge. 

We tried dozens of home mask-making techniques so you wouldn’t have to. With that said, here is the easiest way you can make your own mask at home.

1) Find a 22×22-inch piece of fabric – cotton, preferably!
This can be a bandanna, an old t-shirt, a pillowcase – if you have a tape measure lying around, you can use that to cut the t-shirt or pillowcase to specifications, but a bandanna should already be the right size.






2) Place a paper coffee filter in the center of the fabric
This should serve as extra protection and make the mask more effective.







3) Fold the fabric in half over the coffee filter

Simple enough!

4) (Optional) Add a nose bridge support
Not everybody has a strip of metal that will work for a nose bridge support, but a twisted piece of wire will work in a pinch too. Place the support in the middle of
the upper fold, and fold it again over the support.




5) Add ear attachments
These can be hair ties, string, elastic – anything you have laying around your
house. Loop the attachments over each end of the fabric and fold it over so the
two ends of the fabric meet in the middle. You can tuck one end into the other to
secure it.






6) Voila! You’re done!