If you had to watch one show for the rest of your life…

Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai is undoubtedly the greatest show of all time. It’s not a show that can be easily copied since it’s a sequel to the 1980s movie, The Karate Kid. Some of the original actors, like Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, play Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence respectively, so the story continues. Plus, Cobra Kai has the perfect mixture of comedy, action, and romance to make it even more captivating. Don’t even get me started on the karate. It’s so intense that I practically fall off the couch every time I watch it. The epic rivalries near the end of the seasons between characters like Tory and Sam or Miguel and Robby are enough to make your hair turn gray. If I had to watch one show for the rest of my life, I’d choose Cobra Kai because it never dies.

– Maya VanVleet

Scooby Doo

When I was younger, my siblings and I would race to the basement with our Cheez-Its and Gushers in hand to watch a movie. Our first choice was always Scooby-Doo. I have been obsessed with every movie and show since I was a kid. The jokes appeal to every age group and the whodunit’ mysteries were always so entertaining. And Zoinks! The monsters are creepy, but still manage to make you laugh with their odd behavior and it’s so impressive that no monster was ever used twice. From the Black Knight to the Phantom Virus, Scooby-Doo monsters are so different and never get old. Those shows and movies fueled my childhood. I still watch the same movies I’ve seen hundreds of times before as if I’m 6 years old, plopped in front of the TV watching them for the first time.

– Brianna Sandoval


After more than ten years of the show airing its finale, I strongly believe that nothing can top the cinematic masterpiece known as Lost. It starts out with a plane spontaneously crashing on a desert island, leaving the survivors to uncover its secrets, only to realize that the island they’re on is not ordinary. From the complete character arcs to the beautifully drawn-out storylines and episodes, it feels like a whole new story each time I watch it. So many little details are easy to miss, making it extra attention-grabbing. It’s a show I can watch over and over again. From season one to six, Lost continues to comfort me in maintaining the same exhilarating feeling.

– Ben Lehman

Gilmore Girls

The greatest show of all time is, without a doubt, Gilmore Girls. It’s pretty much the only show I watch anymore. I have watched it so many times, I could quote the entire thing. The love stories, the friendships, and the calm nature of the show makes it simple, yet so incredible. It’s the best show to watch with a cup of coffee on a quiet fall day. The nostalgic nature of the show resonates through each season. The unique characters and quaint, small town make it a comforting and relaxing show.

– Zoey Perrine


When I tell you I haven’t seen a funnier, raunchier, more out-of-pocket show than Shameless, I haven’t seen one. Most TV shows lose their quality and humor after about three or four seasons, but somehow the writers of this Chicago-based show managed to entertain me with eleven solid seasons. The Gallagher family is chaotic and deranged but always manages to keep me on my toes with their one-liners and “couldn’t care less” personalities. My favorite Gallagher, Carl, basically carries the show on his shoulders. In the first few seasons, Carl was just the annoying little brother, but later became a delinquent in juvenile detention. With his witty cleverness, he ends up running the place. When he gets out, he continues a life of crime, but uses the money he makes to help his older sister repurchase their home, putting his family’s lives above his own, and proving what the whole show is about: family.

– Maeby Aleo


If I had to watch one show for the rest of my life, it would be Doremon. Doremon is the epitome of a comfort show. Accompanying the normal life of four Japanese fourth graders is their unusual best friend, a robotic cat with a pocket to the fourth dimension in his stomach, who travels back from the 22nd century. Doremon has all the unprecedented, magical gadgets invented in the future. The gadgets range from a door that leads anywhere to a camera that dresses a person physically in an outfit based on an inserted picture. It’s absurd, but so entertaining. Despite being a children’s show, it doesn’t fail to construct a complex backstory for each character as it creatively incorporates historical events into the storyline. The seamless blend of the past, present, and future make the show unique and irreplaceable. And along with everything are its comical illustrations and lovable characters.

– Minh Anh Le


Hanna is hands down the best show on Amazon Prime. It’s action-packed, but also has flawless acting and a surprising plot. The cast fits their characters perfectly. The show takes place mostly in Europe, where a girl raised alone in the woods by her father searches for the truth of her past. Over the course of three thrilling seasons, the plot expands beyond the original characters and becomes a complex and electrifying story filled with twists and suspense. The show follows Hanna through many different countries, so German, Spanish, French, and a variety of other languages are featured. You’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat from the beginning of the first episode to the very end of the last.

– Maren Holecek