Just How Likely are You to be Victimized by School Related Violence?

(From right to left) It is more likely to die from hot tap water, have identical quadruplets, and be sentenced to death than die in a school shooting.

Jack Howard and Logan Smith

January 23, 2014

Recently, concerns over the safety of those who regularly attend educational institutions have arisen in response to recent school shootings that have occurred, namely the tragic events at Sandy Hook. As a result there has been a slew of new rules and safety precautions put in place that will supposedly...

Texting and Driving- It Can Wait…probably

Texting and Driving- It Can Wait...probably

Jack Howard, Staff Reporter/ Staff Cartoonist

December 12, 2013

Unbeknownst to the general public, an elaborate scheme to destroy the world was formulated by a small group of radicals in 2012. There were only two people outside this group who were aware of the plan. Two good samaritans named Nicholas Myers and William Hensley. They set out to destroy the devious ...

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