Teachers Like Music Too?: Mrs. Cawlfield’s Favorites

The LA teacher reveals her fifteen favorite songs

Despite the fact that many of us assume teachers only teach, grade assignments, and repeat, they’re not so different from us students. Hidden beneath the red pen scratches all over our essays and attendance taking lies passions, fears, hopes, dreams, and a unique perspective on the world *gasps!*. However, what many of us forget is that many of our teachers love music just as much as many members of the student body. Language Arts teacher Mrs. Cawlfield has always been especially vocal about her love for music, once even challenging a student who claimed she didn’t listen to the legendary Tupac Shakur.

To get a special look into Mrs. Cawlfield’s love of music, The Howler asked her to share fifteen of her all time favorite songs. These tracks are perfect to listen to if you want to spark up a musical conversation with her or impress her with your Lester Bangs-esque knowledge of music. Be sure to check out the playlist, and if you know a teacher with an especially unique taste in music, email us over at [email protected]!

1. “Moondance”: Van Morrison, Moondance 
2. “Come Pick Me Up”: Ryan Adams,  Heartbreaker
3. “Hallelujah”: Jeff Buckley, Grace  
4. “Moonshadow”: Cat Stevens, Teaser and the Firecat
5. “Oh! Sweet Nuthin”: The Velvet Underground, Loaded 
6. “Helpless Crosby”: Stills, Nash, & Young, Deja Vu
7. “Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town”: Pearl Jam, Vs.
8. “Missed the Boat”: Modest Mouse, We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank 
9. “That’s the Way”: Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin III 
10. “Take a Picture”: Filter, Title of Record 
11. “Sunday Bloody Sunday”: U2, War 
12. “Jailhouse”: Sublime, Sublime 
13. “Sure Shot”: Beastie Boys, Ill Communication 
14. “Wish You Were Here”: Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here 
15. “Always Coming Back Home to You”: Atmosphere, Seven’s Travels