Monarch High School Group Aims to Provide Classmates Clarity

Monarch High School Group Aims to Provide Classmates Clarity

Matt Keenan, Sports Editor

March 20, 2017

It is no secret that nearly every student feels stressed at some point in their time in high school. From homework and tests to sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities, teenagers can be hard pressed to find free time to relax and take a breath. In fact, nearly 55% of high schoolers feel mode...

Student of the Week

Soaring to new heights! Freshman Mia Manson executes a pole vault.

Anna Wexler, Student Life Editor

March 8, 2017

For many high schoolers the challenge of taking on something unique and difficult would be daunting, but not for freshman Mia Manson who knows a thing or two about reaching new heights. Manson has set the bar very high, literally. She is an avid pole vaulter, and an all around track success. Part ...

What Type of Bread are You?

What Type of Bread are You?

Rachael Jacobs, Features Editor

February 24, 2017

In the heart of winter, months before thoughts of a summer bod have begun, food, if you’re a teenager, could be all that is on your mind. When carbs are life and your seasonal existential crisis is in full swing, you may have wondered… what type of bread am I? Well wonder no more.   ...

Student of the Week: Mandy Matteson

Student of the Week: Mandy Matteson

Claire Clarissa, Academics Editor

January 27, 2017

For some, art is just a hobby they come across while being bored in class, but there are some who see it as their life instead, it’s something they want to pursue in the future and make into a career. Junior Mandy Matteson is part of the latter category. “It wasn’t really a decision, it was jus...

Universal Health Care and Why You Should Care

Estelle Silk, Staff Member

December 14, 2016

With all the craziness that was surrounding this election a late thought to most people is the amendments that were being passed. One that hit right at home was Amendment 69,  also known as the Colorado Care Amendment. It wasn’t passed, but it was one of the first citizen initiatives to change t...

Get to Know a Monarch Ambassador

Liberty Macias (9), an ambassador for the school.

Kanika Hicks, Staff Member

December 14, 2016

The first day of high school can be scary, but for Liberty Macias (9), it wasn't hard or scary- but it didn’t go perfectly, and she channeled her experience into something positive. Although she had help from the 360 leaders she still got lost, and it was her experience that inspired her to bec...

Sydney McDonald

Sydney McDonald

Sarah Schemmerling, Staff Member

December 14, 2016

You may not know Senior Sydney McDonald personally, but you’ve probably at least heard her on the morning announcements. This fiery redhead is a theatre kid, an artist, and so much more. Sydney has been drawing her whole life, but took it up seriously in eighth grade. She has been acting s...

Additions to the MoHi Community

Claire Clarrisa and Nick Kauza

November 14, 2016

Every year, we’ve said goodbye to the old teachers and said hello to the new ones. Since Monarch High School opened in 1999, the school has had teachers come and go, some staying, while others have pursued new lives or welcomed retirement. This year Monarch welcomed several new teachers as well as...

Student of the Week: Sean Pike

Student of the Week: Sean Pike

Maddie Rumbach

November 4, 2016

Many boys are caught up in football and baseball, but not senior, Sean Pike. He spends his time competing in club volleyball as well as helping with Monarch’s girl’s volleyball team. He brings his personality as well as his height to the game. Sean’s sister inspired him to play volleyball and is a huge pa...

Miranda Hunt

Miranda Hunt

Emma Baziuk, Yearbook Editor in Chief

October 19, 2016

 At some point or another, many girls, at young ages, go through some sort of dance phase when their mothers push them to find new hobbies and extracurriculars. Most of the time, sticking with dance doesn’t suit them and they move on to new interests. For sophomore Miranda Hunt, she didn’t lose...

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